Pascal Thormeier

Passionate web developer, student

It all began in the year 2002 when I started to get into coding and software developing. Being only twelve years old, I naturally cared most about games and how they are made, since I've always loved gaming. This led me to a nice little application called the RPG Maker 2000.

It was easy, there was a GUI for the maps and you did not have to care about anything but the design of the game and the story, since dialogs and battles were created pretty straight-forward. But one had the ability to create an own battle system, even complex character menus and much more, only by sticking together simple statements to bigger structures - and this is when the developer in me came to life.

Shortly after experimenting with such "code" and learning the basics of if/else structures and loops by myself, I wanted to create my own website for smaller "scripts" I wrote in the RPG Maker 2000 for others to use. So I started to learn HTML and PHP by the age of thirteen which ultimately led me to the Secondary school for information technology in Zurich, Switzerland that I started by the age of 16.

In 2015 I started my studies for a Bachelor's degree in computer science with indepth knowledge of design and management.

Starting all by myself, years later, I am a well educated developer whose passion lies in high quality software and web development. My goal is good software. Software that is fun to use and fun to maintain.

If you want to know me better, just visit one of my profiles below and have a look at my work. Or write me an eMail.

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A selection of my work

Hellvetia Metal Group

The Hellvetia Metal Group is a swiss association of people that dedicate their work to Heavy Metal Music. Since I love Heavy Metal myself, I decided to join this association as their full stack "IT departement", taking care of the server infrastructure, the development of the website and its design as well as setup of a Wiki, a CI server, and an API, and of all IT related processes.

Built on the shoulders of Git, Symfony2, FreeBSD and MySQL, this project is still ongoing because of the growing audience of the online radio and the partnership with other companies. The API itself will be used for an Android App to reach even more fans and friends of "Hellvetia".

Because I'm in charge of the whole DEV, this project taught me a lot about system administration and deployment processes.

Help Thalwil - Teaching first aid to children

Help Thalwil is a local voluntary association tha teaches children first aid. Since the old website was from the early 2000s, the association wanted a redesign to streamline internal processes as well as being more modern and attractive to new members. They've been provided with an easy-to-use administration interface to upload new image galleries, manipulate meetings and practices and add or alter team members. A fully-responsive website with touch-capabilities and easily accessible content presents the association in a more modern and dynamic way.

The Website itself is built on Kanbasu, a CSS framework done by Liip, and vanilla JS. The lack of a fullblown JS framework taught me a lot about how to effectively use JS for different features, such as parallax scrolling or UI enhancement.

The Admin-Page is built with the same tools, although a bit more complex in features and UI.

Multiple composer bundles for Symfony2

Having a focus on Symfony2 applications and being a fan of OpenSource leads to developing packages for stuff others might find useful from time to time. So far I've registered four packages that I worked on on packagist that can be downloaded by anyone.

Also my contributions in OpenSource projects are wide spread, from PHPCI, to Sylius, jPlayer and a NewRelic integration and a Handlebars implementation in PHP.